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Question: William and Catherine met while attending what university?
Answer: The couple met in 2001 during their first year at the Scottish university.
Question: Catherine’s parents founded a business that sells what?
Answer: The multimillion-dollar Party Pieces sells everything from cakes to balloons.
Question: During his time in the military, William served in what capacity?
Answer: He flew more than 150 operations with the RAF Search and Rescue Force.
Question: Where did William propose to Catherine?
Answer: He proposed in October 2010, while the couple was on holiday in Kenya.
Question: What fashion house designed Catherine’s wedding dress?
Answer: Sarah Burton, the creative director, designed the gown, which featured a Victoria-style corset and a 9-foot train.
Question: Who created William’s wedding ring?
Answer: William, who dislikes jewelry, opted not to wear a wedding ring.
Question: Where did the couple marry?
Answer: The venue was also where the funeral service for William’s mother, Diana, was held in 1997.
Question: What is the name of Catherine’s sister?
Answer: Catherine’s younger sister is usually referred to by her nickname, Pippa. She received much press as the maid of honor at the royal wedding.
Question: What was the couple’s wedding cake?
Answer: It took some five weeks to make the eight-tiered cake.
Question: Where did William and Catherine honeymoon?
Answer: The African island country is located in the Indian Ocean.
Prince William and Kate Middleton wave to the crowds after officially launching the new RNLI's lifeboat 'Hereford Endeavour' at Trearddur Bay, Anglesey on February 24, 2011
Christopher Furlong—Getty Images News/Thinkstock

William and Catherine

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William and Catherine
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